Changing relationships often create complicated legal problems.  The lawyers at Jeremy Carr & Associates are experienced at resolving family legal difficulties.  From property division to parenting and support, the lawyers at Carr Buchan will guide you through the process and protect your rights.  Our family lawyers use proven and strategic approaches when dealing with divorces and separations in order to obtain the best financial support and family property awards as well as addressing complex tax concerns.  Furthermore, we have successfully helped many families that endure Child Removal situations regain custody of their children.

Service Areas:

  • ● Child Removal orders by the Ministry of Children and Families
    ● Cohabitation agreements
    ● Divorce
    ● Marriage agreement (prenuptial)
    ● Mediation and Arbitration
    ● Parenting issues, including custody, guardianship and parenting time, and child support
    ● Production of “Hear the Child” Reports
    ● Property division, including pensions
    ● Separation agreement
    ● Spousal support
    ● Uncontested divorce
    ● Variation of Support, Custody and Parenting Time orders, both in Supreme and Provincial Court

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